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Level5 PDF Server

Collaboration and knowledge sharing only happens if everyone involved can access the documents containing the required information, which can be a challenge with today's variety and volume of content. Extensive file type support for PDF conversion means your content is disseminated in the right format for the right purpose, maximizing its business value. The conversion of virtually any file type into a searchable PDF from any enterprise application or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or SharePoint system is powered by the Adlib Platform. Level5 PDF Converter converts more than 400 popular and legacy file types - including Microsoft® Office®, email, CAD , XML. HTML and images via document OCR- turning them into the high-quality PDF or PDF archive (PDF/A) format.

Level5 PDF Converter ensures that the resulting PDF output preserves all the original information found in the source document including its metadata to guarantee the highest fidelity. This consistent level of quality is requi red by our customers who perform regulatory publishing in industries such as life sciences. The automated process - less manual intervention means improved overall efficiency - also eliminates the need for costly file viewers or the need to buy additional licenses of original authoring applications. Since Level5 PDF Converter is server-based, all the conversion work is done in the back office as a service. allowing your front office employees to focus on their work, not on content to PDF conversion, manipulation and storage.

Level5 PDF Server supported Datatypes