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Active Search

Searching and filtering to find the required information sets the user new challenges almost every day. Where is the required information or document? SharePoint helps users with differing search mechanisms and options quickly and purposefully to access relevant information. However users from the "classic" DMS world sorely miss traditional search forms and results lists, which provide a large amount of exact information quickly and sorts this in a familiar view. Unfortunately these features are only, to a limited degree, available in SharePoint. tecmasters Active Search solves exactly this problem and presents the user with a speedily implemented solution that facilitates accurate and precise data retrieval allowing a company to retain its competitive edge.

User defined or department specific search forms and results lists are provided quickly and easily throughout the enterprise using the built-in Designer.

Active Search Designer Screenshot
Active Search Designer

The integrated document preview allows rapid identification of the information required without even documents being opened or downloaded.

Active Search Document preview Screenshot
Document preview

Active Search is a Silverlight based Web solution and extends the standard search features of SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft Office Server 2007 without needing to change the basic installation.

Integrated Designer

The built-in designer allows an administrator to install the product and to setup each user as required. The scopes, search fields, and also the list of results are simply clicked on and configured in the graphical interface without any additional knowledge. Again integrated document preview allows rapid identification of the information required without the documents being opened or downloaded.

Tecmasters Active Search allows the saving of multiple searches and results. These can be exported with a mouse click and be made available to other colleagues.


Results display

Scopes for the search can be created in the server-based configuration interface. The results can be narrowed down and appropriately targeted. The search results are displayed in a flexible grid. In this, it is possible to filter the results further depending on the specific requirements of the search or sorting needs.

Easy installation

The installation is made centrally on the server and is available to all authorized users after installation. A client installation is not necessary as only Silverlight runtime is required on the client. Integration into existing SharePoint infrastructure is simple and may be executed at any time.

What further features are planned?

  • BCS support for search and search results
  • FAST Search
  • Vizit Preview