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SAP Certified

Certification for SAP ArchiveLink Interface

The critical link between archives and SAP is the standardized ArchiveLink interface. The tecmasters system and its software have undergone a complex certification process by SAP. This certification ensures the full support of the SAP specifications and guarantees secure communications. Through this, the ArchiveLink has attained the status of an international industrial standard interface.

SAP ArchiveLink enables
  • full archiving of incoming documents into the R/3-System
  • the archiving of information (e.g. outgoing documents and print lists) from the R/3- system
  • direct access to archived documents from within the R/3 application components.
  • integration of external archives with SAP R / 3



Accuracy Determination of the tecmasters developed document management solution

As benchmark to assess precision the following were used:

  • the statutory provisions of the commercial and tax law (§ § 238ff. HGB and § § 140-148 AO).
  • the standard accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
  • the BMF letter dated 7 November 1995 on "Generally Accepted Accounting Systems DV based (GoBS)
  • the BMF letter concerning the "Principles of Data Access and Verification of Digital Documents (GDPdU)" of 16 July 2001