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Active Repository Manager

Active Repository Manager Architektur

Active Repository Manager (ARM) is the central product of tecmasters.
ARM features an expandable adapter framework. As intelligent middleware ARM connects Microsoft SharePoint 2013 (and earlier versions) with any desired repositories such as different storage and archive systems. Thus, SharePoint becomes a complete and highly scalable enterprise content management system which together with ARM is fully certified in accordance with German commercial and tax law.


Read-Only Archiving

With ARM, any kind of document or data, whether Office, SAP, Dynamics documents, emails or COLD files is securely archived. The type and duration of archive storage can be defined via policies or on an ad hoc basis, established through defined workflows or job services. The content is converted to a standard format (TIFF or PDF / A) and stored on the desired media. Metadata, information structure and user rights are automatically included in the conversion.

In SharePoint a wildcard character is deployed. This relieves the SharePoint SQL database and SharePoint retains its high performance. If desired, ARM also supports Microsoft Remote Blob Storage (RBS). ARM additionally supports the functions of SharePoint Records. The so-called InPlace Records Management.

Content Integration and System-Overlapping Search

All connected systems and storage media in the SharePoint Search can be integrated when deploying ARM. These different systems and storage media are addressed by ARM as one single system when a search is to be made. Thus, corporate information residing in disparate systems is accessible via a single query. Relevant results are clearly displayed and it is irrelevant for the employee to know where to find the desired information.


Normally, not all employees have access to all information. ARM inherits the User Rights defined in the Microsoft Active Directory so that sensitive information does not even appear in the hit list.

User Acceptance

Enterprise Content Management solutions tend to be complex, inconvenient and complicated in their operation. This discourages users and condemns many ECM projects to failure.

Using, Microsoft and tecmasters the cumbersome operation of ECM clients becomes a thing of the past - all functions are completed directly from within the familiar Microsoft environment, be it SharePoint, Outlook, or Office.

Easy Installation and Administration

ARM is a SharePoint Solution and is managed entirely via the SharePoint administration interface. An end user installation is not necessary.

ECM as Infrastructure

ECM with Microsoft technologies ensures that ECM functionality is delivered at the infrastructure level. Microsoft unifies the various ECM platform contents and process technologies so that it is no longer necessary to run compatibility solutions or other custom applications. Microsoft is therefore fully able to manage data and documents throughout their entire life-cycle - but without covering the area of read-only archiving. With ARM this gap is closed.

Consolidation of Unified ECM Environments

ARM is the ideal technology for companies who wish to consolidate their ECM and archival infrastructure - assuring no disruption and without incurring migration costs for relevant media. Above all else, operations are smooth and will be imperceptible to the end user during