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Data Provider

Data provider for metadata

The Data Provider for Active OfficeBridge serves to enrich the documents with metadata that is stored on the SharePoint server archive systems or in data banks. Metadata or meta information is data that includes information about data. Thus, document objects or entries such as personal names or other file properties are referred to as metadata. The relevant Data Provider for the Active Office Bridge delivers here the connection to different data sources and will be bundled together within the Active Office Bridge with the documents.

Possible current Data Providers:

  • MS-SQL (z.B. MS Dynamics, AX, MS Dynamics NA oder MS Dynamics CRM)
  • Oracle
  • SharePoint (Lists, Webs, Taxonomy)
  • File plan with Taxonomy structure (see example from the public sector)
  • Trim
  • OpenSearch (Google News, Bing)
  • XML