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Active Office Bridge

The bridge to the user

Have you also invested in the development of your backend system and the automation of your business processes and then wondered why the expected success has not been achieved? Analysis shows that in many enterprises, frontend and backend applications are not correctly inter-connected. Active Office Bridge ArchitekturThe consequence: Process improvements are missing. Integration gaps between applications turn process conduits into dead ends. Colleagues must enter the same data numerous times and toggle between applications. This leads to errors and inconsistencies, costs time and frustrates. More important, this conduct is risky. In order to react flexibly and adapt quickly to requirements, colleagues deviate often from agreed system procedures. They develop individual, creative ways. Standards, as well as internal or external guidelines, are not adhered to.


Business success through business process integration

Active Office Bridge enables direct access to existing systems such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, NAV, AX or an ERP-System from familiar user-interfaces using, for example, Microsoft Office Applications or Active Capture. With Active Office Bridge, your existing systems will not be replaced. Rather the data stored in these systems can now be correctly utilized. And this means optimized exploitation of your existing system software investment. Information is displayed in context and in accordance with the user profile. For example, a colleague can directly, from Outlook, access all current and relevant data such as supplier information from the CRM-System or booking data from SAP.

Better decisions

Data quality is the basis for sound business decisions. Active Office Bridge™ assembles all relevant information from third-party applications, in a clear and condensed structure.

Investment optimized

Active Office Bridge does not replace your existing backend systems. With Active Office Bridge your co-workers can, at last, productively access the data which is stored in these systems. Your previous investment in these systems will now begin to be significantly felt.

Low training expenditure

Expensive and time consuming training for client specific business applications is no longer necessary. This is particularly advantageous for co-workers who only sporadically work with data and information from Line-of-Business systems.

Advantages at a glance

  • Flexible integration in LoB systems in standard Microsoft Office applications
  • Intuitive interface and high frontend functionality
  • Extensive integration in SharePoint 2007/2010/2013
  • Dynamic user interface control based on the meta data
  • Simple and extensive search
  • Previous system investment optimized
  • High co-worker productivity
  • Enhanced decisions
  • Risk managed process monitoring

Higher co-worker productivity

Colleagues work with known products – the familiar Microsoft Office Applications. Active Office Bridge provides the key to the information, which they require. Switching between applications, and repeated data input in multiple interfaces is eliminated. Time can be constructively used for productive work.

Monitored processes

With Active Office Bridge work process and decisions are both channeled and monitored. User based access rights ensure that only your designated co-workers access the information to which they are entitled.

High user acceptance

Working with Microsoft Office applications is, for most of your co-workers, common place. Active Office Bridge integrates seamlessly into these applications, is simple to use and enables easy and logical task completion. This ensures a high user acceptance factor.

Productive infrastructure

Active Office Bridge transforms your desktop into a flexible, intuitive and expandable interface. Risk management is integrated into the infrastructure. These factors will contribute significantly to improved business success.