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Workflow Control

Active Migration Manager is built on the Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation 4. Workflow based tasks can be process timed. The workflows are free and highly configurable. For this purpose, and available first with version 4, a comfortable workflow designer has been added. Scenarios can be stored in Active Job Manager and accessed through the job definition.

For example, documents are imported into SharePoint then the "Import Job" assigns documents from pre-defined directories on a central SQL Server and provides them, with the help of IFilters, with metadata. At the same time, an entry for the new workflow is generated.

Alternatively, workflows can be started by an application where actions by built-in functions, direct code or "external workflow actions" can be performed. Among other things the connection to SharePoint workflows is possible, so that tasks between the products can be "passed around" as in a relay race. Individual workflow steps are monitored logged and saved. Protocols such as the compliance log are entered in the event log or in a database and can be archived through the Active Repository Manager of tecmasters. Important too is that these archives are write-protected.