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Active Migration Manager

From Chaos to Order

The facts are known: 20% of a company’s data is structured, 80% is not – and within this 80% unstructured data around 90% is not managed. Consequently it is impossible to present structured storage, there exists no accurate version histories which can be readily checked and data is only finally accessible after investing additional costly and complex resources. Active Migration Manager ArchitectureThe problems are compounded through the data being stored in different systems – on an Exchange Server, on local hard drives - or that it is actually a paper document we need urgently to access. This is suboptimal and needs a fundamental rethink as to how accurate information management should be administered so that the cost, the security and the user requirements are all taken into consideration.

SharePoint as central information pool

Sales of more than 100 million licenses confirm SharePoints worldwide success.

With a straightforward and user friendly interface, Microsoft SharePoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 offers comprehensive Enterprise Content Management. Sharepoint unifies in one standardized Platform, functions including Search, Document Management, Records Management, Workflow und Collaboration, which are all able, retrospectively, to fully access the meta data administration, the Library Management and the Information Rights Management. SharePoint is the optimal System with which all your important business communications may be administered in a totally structured environment whilst still maintaining comprehensive user accessibility.

But how are data and documents imported ?

Automated migration with Active Migration Manager

Active Migration Manager, a development from tecmasters, realizes just that: Data inventories from diverse sources – whether from Exchange Server, a File Server, or from other DMS-Systems, or is a paper based document - is equipped with “intelligence” and migrates automatically into SharePoint.

2 steps into SharePoint

Active Migration Manager comprises the Products:

For the central control of the Migration, the Active Migration Manager is deployed. Workflows may be freely constructed and scenarios can be configured in the Active Migration Manager which by selecting Job Definition are then activated.

Importing documents and evaluation of meta data

The “Import Job” transfers documents from predefined Directories on a central SQL Server and enriches them, with the help of IFilters, with meta data. Additionally, an entry will be created indicating the ongoing work flow.

Integration of meta data

After data extraction and categorization, the system finishes reading the meta data, as defined in the definition of the categories from the full text of the documents, and completes integration automatically.

Semantic und syntax based inspections run in parallel to this and, in the event of a dubious result, allow a manual correction to be activated.

Migration to MOSS and audit compliant archiving

In order to store the data in MOSS a system of rules, deriving from the meta data and the document classification, will determine the storage locality. If the archiving is activated at the storage locality, the document is transferred beforehand into an archive over the “Active Repository Manager” and a proxy is saved in the corresponding SharePoint library.

The document can now no longer be worked on in SharePoint but remains, due to the proxy, fully searchable and accessible. If archiving is not activated the document, because of the known content type and the meta data, may be saved directly in the SharePoint library. Consequently all documentation in an information pool remains fully accessible. The document assets of the company will be securely administered and are at any time in the future precisely replicable.


  • Configurable for diverse data sources
  • Automated Migration: inexpensive and speedy
  • Unified Information pool for optimized Search, and Collaboration
  • Document Management and Workflow
  • Audit Compliant archiving with tecmasters Active Repository Manager
  • Replicable transparent processes