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Active Capture

The "Paperless" Office Myth

Active Capture ArchitectureDuring the last 30 years experts have been continuously promising the arrival of the "paperless office". Far from it: Never before has so much in the office been printed, never has so much paper been used as now. According to analyists the amount of paper used rises by around 15% anually.

The "paperless office" may remain a remain a myth for the forseeable future. That is no reason though to put up with unsorted piles of paper, incomplete information, media breaks and inefficient manufacturing processes.


Information Lifecycle

The goal of enterprise content management (ECM) is to manage all company data from creation, editing, usage and distribution in a tamper proof archiving system allowing instant recovery, so that the data is available at any time and can form the basis for better decision making. Processes are streamlined, errors prevented and all laws and regulations are fully complied with. Exactly this is achieved with the ECM platform of Microsoft, the Microsoft SharePoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 and Office 365. Its greatest strengths are especially in the creation, management and publication of data and documents, as well as tight integration with familiar tools which the user uses every day.

Scanning - detection – classification

It is the simple capture of paper documents and their integration into electronic processing of critical processes which will ensure that a successful ECM will not be a company myth. Because only in this way can a comprehensive and consistent information pool be created which is manageable and can serve as a basis for decisive company decisions.

Active Capture begins precisely at this point. Active Capture is an intelligent capture solution which transforms paper documents into electronic data. Active Capture is integrated directly into the Active Office Bridge and uses functions for the classifying and managing of documents. In contrast to all other capture solutions for SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 metadata can be assigned when scanning.

This means: No characters in the document (which is only an electronic image of the paper copy) are lost when scanning. The document produced is simply a mirror of itself. It is possible to assign the metadata either via the Active Office Bridge to the document library and its corresponding metadata or to directly access the taxonomy data from Sharepoint. The appropriate document type (invoice, contract or delivery note) together with rights and metadata can be selected from the document library and associated with the scanned document.

Active Capture Screenshot 1
Scanning - detection – classification

Editing and recovery

Due to this comprehensive information correlation it is easy to find and manage the document because the search component, being integrated in SharePoint, can probe the document metadata or explore using a full-text search. So it is quite straightforward, for example, to access all contracts relating to a particular customer together with all related correspondence by entering a single query. A scanned document can also - depending on the type - trigger workflows in respect of editing or content saving of invoices. These workflows can be individually configured in SharePoint, InfoPath, or K2 or Nintex form management. If the editing of documents is automated in this way a status check is, at all times, possible. Transport times and unnecessary copies are eliminated and all users have, at any time, full access to the "original document".

Archiving and Compliance

Scanned documents are stored either in PDF/A or TIFF format in the SharePoint repository. Should you demand tamper-proof long term archiving for your documents then the Active Repository Manager from techmasters is the intelligent archiving and content integration solution required.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Intelligent capture solution
  • Easy operation and high frontend functionality
  • Deep integration with SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 and Office 365
  • Automatic metadata procurement and management
  • Easy, Comprehensive search
  • Elimination of media breaks
  • Integrated electronic process support
  • Traceability and compliance
  • Inexpensive and speedily integrated

Perfect Symbiosis

Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 and Active Capture complement each other perfectly. Used together, they provide a flexible enterprise content management solution which manages your company data irrespective of document type in a single solution and thereby optimizing your business processes: guaranteeing an integrated, cost-efficient and speedy end result.

The Smart Document

Staff at the scanner station are supplied with the appropriate metadata for the document or content type as all active Office bridge forms are displayed in the document. This metadata can be easily enhanced. There are various different possibilities depending on the configuration of the system:

  • Complete by hand
  • Check via SAP / ERP, CRM, SQL or Sharepoint connectors
  • Barcode and Validation with SQL databases or systems

State of the art technologies

Specially designed to meet the latest Windows technologies, the application has been designed to be fully Windows 8 compliant. The suitability is further emphasized by the 100% touch technology support.

Comprehensive Hardware Support

Active Capture works with scanners supporting the ISIS driver or KOFAX VRS - that is virtually all scanners on the market - whether large scanners for high-volume applications, department scanners or indeed any other type of scanner.

New Features and Functions

Also a number of new features and functions are implemented e.g. Image processing during the application functions such as "move just the pages", "blank page removal" and "bar code detection". Also a variety of document editing functions are implemented like "Page new scan", "Moving pages" and "Moving documents".