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ABBYY PDF, PDF / A and OCR Image documents

ABBYY is a leading provider of software for document conversion, data capture and linguistic software. The key areas of ABBYY research and development include document recognition technologies and applied linguistics.

ABBYY's recognition technologies and products help people to cope with the ever increasing amount of information by offering powerful tools that are able to filter out information from paper documents and photos in order to capture data automatically, process the data and save it. By using products for automatic character recognition and data capture customers are able to save valuable and costly time that would otherwise be required in entering the data by hand. tecmasters incorporates these technologies in both its server and client products to take full advantage of the intelligence of ABBYY products.

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ADLIB PDF, PDF / A and OCR Image documents and about further 300 additional formats

In the document management industry, It is well known that Adlib Software as a leading manufacturer of server-based PDF editing, document conversion and OCR software solutions. Their products can be integrated seamlessly into enterprise applications or used as a stand-alone document management software solution. Adlib Software provides for the conversion of documents, publication and process basics enabling a company to establish a worldwide presence which can fully reflect their efficiency and productivity.

Work quality will be increased whilst fully adhering to internal requirements and the international regulations covering standard electronic document formats such as PDF, PDF / X and PDF / A. tecmasters has integrated these technologies in both its server and client products to compliment the intelligence of ABBYY products.

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EMC CAPTIVA scanning, imaging tools, barcode and more

EMC Captiva PixTools is a suite of software developer kits (SDKs ), within which scanning, viewing and image processing modules are included. PixTools is an optimal solution for developers who create document capture applications, or who want to integrate document imaging capabilities into existing applications. PixTools uses the EMC Captiva ISIS architecture, which ensures that data written with PixTools application supports virtually all existing or indeed future scanners that may be paired to your applications.

K2 Blackpearl Logo

K2 Blackpearl Workflows

K2 blackpearl is a comprehensive software solution used for the design of workflows for process driven applications and can be used in all areas in a company environment. With K2 blackpearl, you can choose to interact directly with SharePoint and control the document flow, regulate and monitor, or to use the API provided by K2 to establish a connection with an application and utilize the full power of the K2 blackpearl. The black pearl interfaces made available by K2 are either browser based, are hosted in SharePoint, Visio, or integrated into the Visual Studio components. The spectrum, available is extensive and takes fully into account the technical skills of the user. tecmasters has integrated these technologies in both its server and client products to compliment the intelligence of ABBYY products.

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Kodak Alaris Document Imaging

The Kodak Alaris Document Imaging division offers professional document scanning with advanced image processing technology. Also, networked scan stations and recording software platforms for information management, and an ever-growing range of professional services and leading industry service and support services are part of the product portfolio. For users who are actively working in SharePoint, Kodak also offers innovative solutions for archiving or direct scanning of entire document stacks in SharePoint.

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VIZit™ Document Viewing & Imaging for SharePoint

Vizit™ is a powerful product for the display and editing of scanned or faxed documents in SharePoint. With the vizit Previewer™ data can be displayed directly in SharePoint before download and documents opened (including TIFF, PDF and Word). This speeds up, simplifies and streamlines the search process in SharePoint libraries dramatically. IT administration costs are minimal as no client software need be installed or maintained. Costs associated with the upload and download of scanned documents and images can be considerably reduced. The entire display process is slim, as only the portion of a document to be viewed or edited is loaded.

Vizit ™ offers many other important features that simplify and accelerate the document management and collaboration process with SharePoint and increasing employee productivity. tecmasters has integrated these technologies in both its server and client products to compliment the intelligence of ABBYY products.