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Data Protection and Disclaimer
Office 365 Active SharePoint App and Office 365 Active Outlook Access

tecmasters GmbH is a young company with a long history. techmasters has dominated the ECM market for over 15 years. Our work is customer driven and focuses on Enterprise Content Management solutions within the fields of: Archiving, document management, workflow, record management, portal technologies and capturing. tecmasters GmbH takes your privacy very seriously.

Described below are the Data Protection Guidelines for the use of our software products "Office 365 Active SharePoint App" and "Office 365 Active Outlook App", hereafter referred to as "Active Apps". Also referred to are the methods used to collect, process and use personal data.

tecmasters GmbH uses your personal data to:

  • enable the services of the "Active Apps"
  • supply new access data in the event of password loss
  • to inform you about upcoming software maintenance
  • for tecmasters statistical and marketing purposes

No transmitted personal data will be made available to third parties

"Active Apps" serves as an archiving interface for Office Outlook 365 SharePoint and Office 365 Details about the functions of the individual "Active Apps" can be found under the following links:

Office 365 Active Sharepoint App
Office 365 Active Outlook App

To register for these services, you will need to supply the following personal data:

  • Name and Surname
  • Company
  • Street
  • Post Code
  • City
  • Email address

In the demo version of "Active Apps" the data is uploaded to a hosted server at RZ OWL GmbH and transferred for storage in an encrypted archive at tecmaters GmbH. There is no third party access to this data. Data uploaded from "Active Apps" will be transferred to the database using 128-bit AES standard encryption. During the 30-day trial period the data is not tamper-proof archived. We recommend not transmitting any sensitive data.

Before the end of the trial period, you will be notified about upgrading and the purchase of the full version via email. Your data will be stored for a further 30 days and made available to you on request. After this period, all data is deleted.

"Active Apps" must have access to the following programs on the device:

  • Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint
  • Microsoft Office 365 Outlook

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