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The founders of tecmasters have dominated the ECM market in Germany for more than 20 years. They had already developed in 1989 the B- archive system. This was one of the first archiving systems in Germany and was developed further in the 90s with CE computer equipment GmbH. As ambitious entrepreneurs they began around 1997 to conceive and direct their own projects in order to focus their joint ECM expertise in 2005 in the creation of tecmasters.

Michael Meissner

Michael Meissner is the brain of tecmasters and development boss. Initially qualified as an architect he was already adept at detailed planning and project design before programming. His experience, his knowledge and foresight have been vital elements in the success of tecmasters.

Contact Michael Meissner at meissner [at]

Christoph Riedel

Christoph Riedel heads the administration and services. Christoph is tasked with the, day to day, smooth running of the company, both internally and externally. In addition, Christopher is responsible for technology and infrastructure. Not only with in-house solutions but also with customer specific projects tecmasters guarantee compelling technical implementation and issue free realization.

Contact Christoph Riedel at riedel [at]