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The success of our partners
means also success for Microsoft.

The Microsoft Partner Network is geared to the needs of our partners. Developing full potential is not only the goal of our partners but also their 160 million customers. This is the focus of the Network Strategy. We believe that your success profile considerably increases as a partner of an organization with the reputation of Microsoft.

The Vision of the Microsoft Partner Network
- The opportunity to extend your skills.

Develop and conquer new markets by having early access to the latest technologies. Extend your knowledge of marketing and sales. Deepen your corporate and technical know-how by means of stringent learning paths.

Expertise for perfect customer service

Qualify in competences tailored exactly to the buying behavior of your customers. Expand your spectrum via digital marketing and optimize social media to connect with your customers. Generate more demand from your customers on the basis of exciting product innovation. Contact customers and other partners via an online marketplace.

Communities that innovate faster and create opportunities

Determine the kind of business relationships demanded to drive your business and your customers most effectively. Cooperate with other partners: Multiply your chances. Brainstorm in real-time. Collaborating with you, our partners, we will continue to focus on developing innovative solutions that increase your profitability and ensure a competitive advantage.