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Major League SharePoint incorporated as scope in VOI

voi-logo.pngThe 'VOI – Verband Organisations- und Informationssysteme e. V.'is the independent professional association for providers and users in the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) section. The new VOI scope „Major League SharePoint“ combines leading manufactures and project houses with the objective of implementing business applications based on Microsoft SharePoint especially for the middle class easily and effectively.

Besides the fundamental skilled work concerning SharePoint the Major League provides especially quality assured software components, with which business applications in the area of document processes based on SharePoint can be created easily and effectively. Based on that from now on Major League also offers comprehensive complete solutions initially for contract-, quality-, and purchase invoice management. The underlying modular software concept from Major League makes it possible for the very first time to use Microsoft SharePoint from now on unsophisticated and, most of all, cost-effective as a platform for business applications even for the middle class sector. Further special applications for different business environments are already underway. They will upgrade Major League SharePoint’s offers even over the course of this year.

For the first time Microsoft SharePoint platform’s complexity will be manageable even for small and medium-sized businesses thanks to the new Major League SharePoint solutions. Yet the elaborated concept offers enough flexibility for individual customizations, which can however be performed through efficient configurations rather than through sophisticated programming. Compared to the conventional SharePoint projects the required efforts can now be reduced by as much as 60%.

All offered solutions of the Major League are developed in accordance with the SharePoint standards to 100% and smoothly adjust to every SharePoint environment. Because of the close co-operation of Major League SharePoint members and Microsoft and the attending of the Microsoft Technology Adaption Program (TAP) it is ensured that investments are also protected for future SharePoint versions.

Among the founding members of Major League SharePoint are the SharePoint specialists: DM Dokumenten Management GmbH, dox42 GmbH, GRAU DATA AG, PSC Portal Systems Consulting GmbH, SYCOR GmbH and tecmasters GmbH.

„Major League SharePoint is a totally new idea based on long standing expertise. The founding members are joined up by many years of successful co-operation on many projects. New on the other hand is the orientation towards solutions for the middle class. Experience has shown that ordinary SharePoint solutions are too complex, time consuming, and resource-intensive for this segment. Here Major League SharePoint can offer a modular concept which makes it possible to realize typical demands of the middle class in a fast and economic way. The League is not a static union. Every potential partner who can contribute a suitable service or fitting product is cordially invited to cooperate,“ says Mr Klaus Mokrys, chief executive of tecmasters GmbH and one of the initiators of Major League SharePoint.

„For the very first time Major League offers a complete SharePoint concept for the middle class, which is guided by the real existing demands there,“ Mr Harald Klingelhöller, chairman of VOI and chief executive of DM Dokumenten Management GmbH, explains. He adds „Here clever providers got together to get a grip on the escalation of SharePoint projects with standardized software components. With the aim of optimizing electronic document processes, Major League has found a good home within the VOI.“