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Level5 PDF Cloud

Collaboration and the sharing of knowledge can only function if all parties can access documents with the necessary information which can be, with the quantity and diversity of content available today, quite challenging. Comprehensive file type support in PDF conversion means your content is readily available for any purpose in the correct format and this will increase its business value. The Level5 PDF Server Platform supports the conversion of virtually any file type into a searchable PDF file accessible from within any business application or any ECM or SharePoint System. Level5 PDF Server can handle more than 400 specialized file types such as Microsoft Office (incl. Infopath), E-Mail, CAD, XML, HTML, image files and even handwriting recognition images - and converts these into high-fidelity PDF files or PDF file archives (PDF/A).

And the familiar functions are now available in the Cloud! Not only as the integrative component in the Active Migration Manager but also in form of an Level5 PDF Desktop version as client application for easy and quick conversion!